Puyou, F-R., Quattrone, P., McLean C., Thrift, N. (2012). Imagining Organizations: performative imagery in business and beyond. London: Routledge.

Research Interests
  • Management control and Information technology

  • The visual and rhetorical power of management and accounting practices

  • Evolution and prospects of Business Education
    University governance

  • Accounting history and the history of administrative practices in religious entities

  • Science and Technology Studies and Actor-Network theory

  • Sociology of scientific knowledge
  • Dr Paolo Quattrone

    Professor of Accounting and Management Control
    Fulbright New Century Scholar (2009-2010)

    Maria de Molina, 12
    28006 Madrid, Spain
    T.: +34 91 5688215 (direct line)
    F.: +34 91 4116511